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North Consulting and Communications (NorthC2) is anchored by Jym and Carol North.  Consulting in sales and marketing is supported with partner, Norsight, Inc.   The following information provides answers to common questions about our writing consulting experiences.  If more details are desired, do not hesitate to contact us; see the Contact Us tab.


jim3 080214Jym North – Business Planning, Problem Solving & Mentoring Small Business Owners and Directing & Managing Peer Advisory Boards, 

– Extensive experience in planning and problem solving to help small businesses meet business challenges and grow their business.  Contact me at jnorth@northc2.com.

– The leader of an exciting launch of EDGE Peer Advisory Groups, a small business resource of peers in different service sectors that together serve as a board of directors to address each other’s’ goals, challenges and accountability.

He leads a Meetup group, Small Business Support Group, that offers a glimpse of how EDGE Peer Advisory Groups deal with business challenges.  Always fresh, the challenger is treated to interesting recommendations to solve a business issue and is provided a transcript of the discussion for later reference as a learning tool.

– Developed an innovative environmental engineering and consulting service, one of the first electronic global regulatory information databases, an environmental testing and applied research laboratory, compliance software for environmental reporting and hazard communication.  Our company won awards for our clients from EPA, the state of Tennessee and the Phoenix Award for excellence in brownfield redevelopment (The University of Louisville Football Stadium Complex on property operated as a rail-yard by CSX for a century)

– Provided business analysis and problem solving to a network marketing firm to improve significantly negative cash flow.  The business was able to successfully continue operations while recovering positive cash flow over 6 months.

–  Grew an embryonic animal rescue organization to thousands of friends and donors while creating 3 annual fund-raising events that collected $50k each.

Jym also serves the management consulting firm Norsight Consulting, Inc. in the discovery phase of assignments and provides editorial and writing services for online content.  Similarly, Jim manages the technical aspects of Carol’s successful blog sites: Seniors for Pets, Inc., a non-profit, led by Carol, to support needy seniors with basic veterinary care for their pets and Feeding Fido and Fluffy a site that focuses on health and nutrition for pets.

Jim is a life member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, and participates in the SBA Environmental Roundtable.  In his engineering history, he was an early Diplomate in the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, held a professional engineering license in 15 states and was active in the Water Environment Federation, The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the American Consulting Engineers Council and the American Society of Civil Engineers.  He and his firm, Resource Consultants, Inc. served major industry trade associations, including the American Chemistry Council and the American Association of Railroads with regulatory consulting.

Jym sees your challenges as opportunities.  Contact him at jnorth@northc2.com


Carol North – Carol’s professional writing career began 25 years ago when she pitched a story about adopting children in Latin America to “VISTA: Focus on Hispanics,” a National publication.  That magazine cover story led her to regular travel column assignments for 2 regional newspapers.  In later years, her devotion to animal welfare and rescue led to online and offline writing and editing a monthly newsletter, along with regular columns in local newspapers and a regional magazine.

She is President and Founder of Seniors for Pets, Inc. (www.seniorsforpets.com) which helps needy seniors to receive basic veterinary care for their very important dog or cat.  This non-profit organization is clearly close to the North’s hearts, so it will be supported from a portion of profits received from their various business activities supplemented by small donations from friends.

She is a tireless Pet Nutrition Advocate, writing extensively about health and nutrition on her Facebook Pages, Feeding Fido and Fluffy (www.feedingfidoandfluffy.com) and Seniors for Pets.  Because of her extensive knowledge of pet nutrition she was invited to and serves on the Advisory Board of PureZa for Life.  She writes a weekly blog related to pet nutrition or health of the PureZa for Life website www.purezaforlife.com/blog.  Researching the pet food manufacturing industry and how it is regulated includes regular analysis of the Food & Drug Administration for current news about the pet food industry; the Center for Veterinary Medicine for frequent updates on health-related news about pets; various pet food manufacturers’ websites; and various pet-related trade magazines.

As a tireless writer, Carol has partnered with a friend to create Frugal Florida Seniors (www.frugalfloridaseniors.com)  to provide some interesting stories and assistance to Florida seniors.  She has also authored ebooks on the selection of the perfect pet food for dogs and cats as well companion ebooks related to treats.

Carol has also created several retail businesses, the last, a retail pet supplies store in conjunction with a free-roaming cat adoption center. She is an accomplished researcher as evidenced by her creation of two pet food purchasing eBooks.  She has been associated with successful events, their planning and management.  She spent 3 years running parts of an annual televised fundraiser for Public Television in Nashville, TN, which called upon her skills in writing briefs and television clips that helped sales and thanked vendors.  As Communications Director of an animal rescue organization for 4 years, she wrote weekly columns for local newspapers and organized and chaired numerous successful fundraisers.

If your interest is healthy pets and you need the writing skills of someone passionately committed to pets, contact Carol at carol@seniorsforpets.org.


Norsight Consulting, Inc. is a successful management consultant that partners with NorthC2 in consulting opportunities, with emphasis upon the Discovery Assessment listed in ‘Services’.  Since 1999 Norsight has been helping clients by improving sales and related business process.  Experience in performance measurement, customer analysis, subtle changes in sales messaging, and team alignment leads to more profitable customer relationships.

A sample of their impressive client list is shown on the first page of their website. Further information may be accessed from the Norsight at www.norsight.com.


How do you contact us?

Call us at (941) 400-2673 or email,  jnorth@northc2.com , with your details to see if and how we can help. There is no charge to discuss your project and no obligation to hire us if we talk or correspond via email.

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