In this economy, business development is more challenging than ever.  Demand in nearly every sector, isn’t as robust as experienced less than a decade ago.  And competition  is tougher.  In that environment, companies are increasing expenditures for marketing to grow business.  North Consulting and Communications (NorthC2) has been created to support small business with emphasis for professional services and the retail sector.

Jim and Carol North anchor writing services and Jim anchors consulting services.  See About Us for more information.

Loyalty Program Partners

We provide tools and content to make growing retail customers a repeatable cycle.  This is a two-part solution.  First part is Perka – the recognized innovative mobile rewards application (www.getperka.com).  Learn more at the Loyalty Program Partners tab.

Marketing Support with Communications

Over the years communication has undergone significant changes, but one thing remains, engaging written content is still required to attract clients.  Successful firms must have an integrated array of written materials to support prospects and clients from awareness building to relationship maintenance.

NorthC2 covers both online and offline marketing documents including whitepapers; case histories; email marketing; articles/posts; newsletters; service descriptions; and other content.

For non-profits, our experience with newsletters, fund-raising documents and other growth tools, including fund-raising event planning, can help organizations maintain growth and in certain instances accelerate donations and other contributions.

Business Development Consulting Support

NorthC2 offers experienced consulting that will clarify for your leadership the reasons for tepid or unsatisfactory business development.  We suggest an initial Discovery Assessment that will confirm areas of excellence and reveal areas of need.  Plus, the assessment will provide recommendations for next steps to achieve business development excellence.

Our partner, Norsight Consulting, Inc., is a proven management consulting firm that will oversee the Discovery Assessment.  Whether you are off-track or on-track but moving too slowly this assessment will be valuable.  Since 1999 Norsight has been helping clients (see a selected list on the left margin) by improving sales.  Experience in performance measurement, customer analysis, subtle changes in sales messaging, and team alignment leads to more profitable customer relationships.

See the “Services” tab to review an offer to provide a mini-assessment for leadership based upon a completed survey by your business development team.

 We are ready.   Contact us when you are.  

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